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This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

This index is 97 % complete (54172 /55772 ), and lists 740 separate reporting marks totaling 25289 different engines and rolling stock.

Entries Unique Marks CompanyFirst encountered
1410ABOX: TTX Company2003-11-01
461ABWX: Asea Brown Boveri Incorporated2004-03-28
73AC: Canadian National Railway (Algoma Central Railway Incorporated)2004-11-06
508371ACFX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-02-01
1512ACPX: BP Products North America Incorporated2003-07-01
74ACTX: Honeywell International Incorporated2003-11-29
119ADCX: Adirondack Scenic Railroad2005-12-30
10686ADMX: ADM Transportation Company2003-04-09
11AEPX: American Electric Power Service2006-04-01
54AERC: Albany and Eastern Railroad Company2005-05-14
129100AEX: The Andersons2003-04-26
43AFPX: Honeywell International Incorporated2004-06-28
2921AGCX: Procor Limited2003-07-05
32AGHX: Agrium US Incorporated2005-01-24
32AGLF: Knoxville and Holston River Railroad Company Incorporated2004-04-28
133100AGPX: Ag Processing Incorporated2003-02-01
105AGR: Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway LLC2005-01-03
11AGYX: Centrex Construction Products Inc (American Gypsum Company)2004-04-28
108AJPX: IMC Chemicals2004-01-24
32AKMD: Arkansas Midland Railroad Company2006-01-07
11ALAB: Alabama Railroad Company2005-02-03
1613ALAX: Equistar Chemicals LP2003-07-17
66ALM: Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company2004-11-25
2222ALNX: Alberta Government2004-01-11
1811ALPX: Alberta Government2004-04-05
2018ALY: Allegheny and Eastern Railroad Incorporated2003-07-05
21AM: Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Company2004-05-16
54AMC: Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company2003-05-18
9675AMCX: BP Amoco Chemical Company Chemical Division2003-04-13
1912AMGX: AMG Resources Corporation2004-09-29
2423AMOX: BP Products North America Incorporated2003-07-01
11AMPX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2006-01-22
3513AMT: Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (MUCTC)2004-12-19
252111AMTK: National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)2003-04-19
21AN: AN Railway LLC2004-04-09
22ANAX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2005-01-15
76ANR: Angelina and Neches River Railroad2004-07-14
7972AOK: Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad Incorporated2003-02-01
33APHX: Air Products Polymers LP2005-09-11
11APPX: Appalachian Railcar Services2006-01-07
105ARIX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2005-11-05
71ARLX: Andres Reed Leasing2004-10-23
5951ARMN: Union Pacific Railroad Company2003-07-01
11ARPX: BP Products North America Incorporated2004-03-08
11ARR: Alaska Railroad Corporation2004-05-05
2015ARSX: Sunoco Incorporated (R and M)2003-03-29
86ASAB: Bay Line Railroad LLC2003-12-13
1514ASHX: American Soda LLP2004-02-28
1715ATGX: ATEL Leasing Corporation2004-04-10
8968ATSF: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company2003-03-24
2823ATTX: TTX Company2003-08-22
11397ATW: Atlantic and Western Railway2003-04-13
1616AWXX: East Carbon Development Company2004-04-10
21AZXX: Arizona Chemical Company2004-09-12
11BAEX: The Andersons2006-06-24
77BALX: Bayer Corporation2004-01-24
8061BAR: Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company now MMA2003-03-29
111BAWX: Babcock and Wilcox Company2003-04-26
11BAYX: Bayer Corporation2006-03-18
1612BCIT: BC Rail Limited2003-07-27
21BCLR: Bay Colony Railroad Corporation2004-08-08
156121BCOL: BC Rail Limited2003-04-13
1712BFGX: Oxy Vinyls LP2004-04-09
116BFPX: Besse Forest Products2004-09-12
64BJOX: Citicorp Railmark Incorporated2004-03-28
2922BLE: Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Company2004-08-21
5633BM: Boston and Maine Corporation2003-05-18
61BMS: St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company (GWI)2005-12-22
140119BN: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company2003-02-01
22BNFE: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company2005-04-01
987322BNSF: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company2003-02-01
21BO: CSX Transportation Incorporated2005-01-27
88BORX: US Borax Incorporated2004-01-11
5825BPRR: Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad Incorporated2004-07-17
1813BR: Bradford Industrial Rail Incorporated2004-03-01
3724BRAN: Brandon Corporation2003-05-03
44BRAX: CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated2005-06-18
11BRCX: Bunge North America Incorporated2005-07-14
75BRIX: Union Tank Car Company2003-03-09
41BTCX: Everest Railcar Services2005-10-16
53BTRX: Rocky Mountain Transportation Services2004-04-26
4735BTTX: TTX Company2003-03-26
1211BWCX: GE Plastics2003-06-14
9061CABX: Cabot Corporation2003-04-09
1514CAGX: MHC Incorporated Subsidiary of ConAgra2004-03-19
119CAGY: Columbus and Greenville Railway Company2003-07-11
21CALX: California Railcar Corporation2006-04-16
11CANX: CANAC International Incorporated2004-05-21
11CBQ: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company2006-06-24
1614CBRY: Copper Basin Railway Incorporated2004-03-19
4845CC: Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad Company2003-05-29
5544CCBX: Union Carbide Corporation2003-03-24
412CCGX: Cando Contracting Limited2005-06-02
5138CCLX: Crystal Car Line Incorporated2003-04-11
22CCR: Kansas City Southern Railway Company2005-03-30
41CCRR: Claremont Concord Railroad Corporation2005-12-23
4738CCX: Columbian Chemicals Co (Subsidiary of Phelps Dodge Corporation)2003-07-01
842CDAC: Canadian American Railroad Company (now MMA)2005-12-21
11CDCX: Air Liquide America Corporation2005-05-15
21CDHX: Caledonian Rail Lines LLC2005-12-23
758260CEFX: CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated2003-03-26
4837CELX: Celtran Incorporated Subsidiary of Celanese International Corporation2003-03-24
22CERX: ER Carpenter LLP2003-05-18
11CEWX: Canadian Enterprise Gas Products2004-03-10
11CFLX: Crestbrook Forest Industries (captive service)2006-06-23
1713CFMX: Cargill Incorporated2004-01-11
1312CFWR: Caney Fork and Western Railroad2004-03-08
51CG: Norfolk Southern Railway Company2006-03-11
33CGCX: Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division2004-03-08
99CGEX: Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division2003-05-18
191136CGLX: GATX Rail Canada Corporation2003-02-10
2821CGMX: GATX Rail Canada Corporation2004-04-10
43CGOX: Cargill Incorporated2004-01-24
235171CGTX: GATX Rail Canada Corporation2003-02-10
139CHSX: Cenex Harvest States Cooperative2004-01-24
4126CHTT: Union Pacific Railroad Company2003-05-18
3030CHVX: Chevron Chemical Company2003-05-18
75CIC: Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway2004-09-12
4434CITX: PLM International Incorporated2003-02-01
44CKIX: C.K. Industries2006-04-01
1714CLC: Columbia and Cowlitz Railway Company2003-11-01
21CLIX: Calumet Lubricants2005-10-06
157CLP: Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad Company2003-08-22
72CLSX: Cargill Incorporated - Salt Division2004-12-20
10280CMO: Union Pacific Railroad Company2005-10-10
71372180CN: Canadian National Railway2003-02-01
634524CNA: Canadian National Railway2003-02-10
226182CNIS: Canadian National Railway2003-02-15
43CNJW: Central Railroad of New Jersey2006-09-09
350225CNLX: CN Treasury Operations Limited (Canac?)2003-02-15
11CNRX: Canadian National Railway2005-12-23
41CNTP: Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway Company2006-09-09
11CNTX: Continental Tank Car Corporation2005-03-06
13083CNW: Union Pacific Railroad Company2003-03-24
189161CNWX: Canadian Wheat Board2003-02-15
125CO: CSX Transportation Incorporated2004-08-08
88COCX: Chevron Oronite Company LLC2004-03-28
43CONX: Conoco Incorporated2004-11-01
53CORP: Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad Incorporated2004-06-29
85242119CP: Canadian Pacific Railway Company2003-02-01
150125CPAA: Canadian Pacific Railway Company2003-02-01
43CPCX: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP2005-01-27
76CPDX: Chevron USA Incorporated2003-05-18
22CPI: Canadian Pacific Railway Company2005-01-19
2117CPLX: CPLX Leasing Limited2004-01-01
214180CPWX: Canadian Wheat Board2003-04-13
169121CR: Norfolk Southern Railway Company2003-04-09
145104CRDX: Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company2003-04-13
4136CRGX: Cargill Incorporated2003-05-02
175CRIX: Citicorp Railmark Incorporated2005-03-08
32CRL: Chicago Rail Link2003-11-01
8974CRLE: Coe Rail Incorporated2003-02-01
73CRPX: Centennial Gas Liquide LLC2004-01-03
31CSOR: Connecticut Southern Railroad2004-12-20
11CSP: Camas Prairie RailNet Incorporated2004-08-19
42CSS: Chicago SouthShore and South Bend Railroad2006-01-07
11CSTX: Canada Starch Company Incorporated2006-09-10
1187430CSXT: CSX Transportation Incorporated2003-02-01
94CSYX: Central Soya Company Incorporated2003-08-17
21CTIX: Southeastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated2006-01-07
128CTRN: Union Pacific Railroad Company2003-04-11
1815CUOH: Columbus and Ohio River Rail Road Company2005-12-04
3126CV: Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)2003-03-01
8876CVC: Canadian National Railway2003-03-29
153CVRD: Companhia Vale do Rio Doce2005-10-27
88CW: Colorado and Wyoming Railway Company2004-01-11
83CWBX: C. W. Brooks Incorporated2005-07-16
11CWEX: Midwest Generation LLC2006-06-24
88CWSX: Cardella Waste Services2006-01-07
32DACX: VIP Tank Services2003-05-02
3628DBCX: BASF Corporation2003-09-28
1211DBUX: CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated2004-12-20
98DCBX: Degussa Corporation2005-11-05
4935DCLX: Dow Chemical Canada Incorporated2003-05-19
2519DCTX: PLM International Incorporated2003-03-29
11DEEX: Detroit Edison Company2004-02-22
11DGCX: Dakota Gasification Company2004-11-22
44DGHX: IMC Chemicals2004-11-22
183DH: Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated2006-04-09
2018DJJX: Joseph Transportation Incorporated2003-04-13
1210DLRX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2004-03-28
4514DLW: Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Company2005-12-30
55DLWR: Depew Lancaster and Western Railroad Company Incorporated2005-12-30
9276DME: Dakota Minnesota and Eastern Railroad Corporation2003-04-11
91DMIR: Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company2006-05-19
109DMIX: ADM Transportation2004-11-06
4320DMLX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-07-01
54DMM: Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad Company2005-01-27
109DOCX: Du Pont Canada Incorporated2003-07-05
125DONX: Donnelly Commodities Co.2004-06-16
136118DOWX: Dow Chemical Company2003-03-24
22DR: Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad Incorporated2004-06-03
148DRGW: Union Pacific Railroad Company2004-03-01
2515DTI: Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)2003-03-29
32DTS: Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)2003-09-28
910740DTTX: TTX Company2003-02-10
11DUCX: Du Pont Canada Incorporated2003-09-21
2725DUPX: Du Pont De Nemours and Company Incorporated2003-05-03
10595DWC: Canadian National Railway2003-02-15
122DWP: Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific Railway2005-05-06
85EAGX: Eaglebrook Incorporated2004-03-22
408EAR: East Africa Railway2006-01-30
21ECOX: Eco East2005-04-01
99ECOZ: Ecorail Incorporated2005-03-29
97ECQX: Engineered Carbons Incorporated2003-04-13
4631ECUX: Exxon Mobil Corporation2003-05-18
1310ECXX: ECDC Environmental LC2004-05-21
7965EEC: East Erie Commercial Railroad2003-12-20
2018EJE: Elgin Joliet and Eastern Railway Company2003-04-13
21ELCX: Eli Lilly and Company2005-05-18
84ELS: Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad Company2005-11-27
2725ELTX: Soltex Polymer Corporation2003-04-13
104EMDX: General Motors2004-02-22
2217ENGX: Englehard Corporation2003-05-03
66EPAX: Exxon Mobil Corporation2004-10-28
11EPIX: EPIC2005-12-30
21EPRY: East Penn Railway Incorporated2004-10-30
4432EQUX: Equistar Chemicals2003-03-24
61ERCX: EXCEL Railcar Corporation2005-09-17
1312ETCX: Eastman Chemical Company Incorporated2003-02-10
112ETMX: Etarco Rail Services Incorporated2003-08-24
81ETR: Essex Terminal Railway Company2003-10-05
216197ETTX: TTX Company2003-02-01
22EWS: English, Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd (UK)2006-02-12
2017FBOX: TTX Company2004-03-28
64FCCM: Compania de Ferrocarriles Chiapas Mayab SA de CV2003-07-05
31FCEN: Florida Central Railroad Company Incorporated2004-09-12
44FCTX: Farmers Commodities Transportation2004-04-26
8780FEC: Florida East Coast Railway Company2003-05-03
288FGLK: Finger Lakes Railway Corporation2005-12-22
11FGLX: Factor Gas Liquids Incorporated2006-09-10
2117FGW: First Great Western (UK)2006-02-12
1513FINX: Trinity Rail Management Incorporated2003-02-10
11FLAX: Flexsys America LP2004-11-06
72FLIX: Farmland Industries Incorporated2004-07-14
1616FLOX: Flex Leasing Corporation2003-04-13
43FMLX: FMC Corporation2005-12-08
6247FPAX: Formosa Transrail Corporation2003-04-13
31FPTX: Ferrous Processing and Trading Company2005-05-15
143123FTTX: TTX Company2003-02-01
246134FURX: First Union Rail2003-04-09
32FXE: Ferrocarril Mexicano SA de CV2006-05-19
11091GACX: General American Marks Company2003-04-11
65GAMX: Arrendadora Nacional De Carros De Ferrocaril2004-03-19
54GAPX: Georgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Division2003-04-11
796634GATX: General American Marks Company2003-02-01
1110GBRX: Greenbrier Leasing Corporation2005-03-30
42GBW: Fox Valley and Western Limited2005-07-03
3833GCCX: General American Marks Company2003-06-14
9420GCFX: Alstom Canada Incorporated - Transport2003-02-15
11GCPX: Georgia Gulf Corporation PVC Division2004-04-26
189GDJX: Grimmel Industries2006-01-07
113GECX: General Electric Company Transportation Systems Business Operations2004-04-05
7088GEXR: Goderich-Exeter Railway Company Limited (Rail America)2003-02-15
11GFLX: Greenfield Logistics LLC2006-06-23
172106GFSX: General American Marks Company2003-05-18
118GGCX: Georgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Division2003-06-14
21GGPX: General American Marks Company2006-01-07
1916GLCX: Great Lakes Carbon Corporation2004-09-22
2821GLNX: GLNX Corporation2003-12-20
11GLSR: Gloster Southern Railroad Corporation2005-06-27
186104GMRC: Green Mountain Railroad Corporation2003-02-10
11GMSR: Kansas City Southern Railway Company2004-05-07
21GN: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company2006-06-24
3734GNRR: Georgia Northeastern Railroad Company2003-04-13
125GNTX: TTX Company2004-11-25
6038GNWR: Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company2003-04-11
66GOCX: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP2003-02-10
32GONX: TTX Company2005-01-19
478204GOT: Toronto Area Transit Operating Authority2003-02-01
3426GPFX: General American Marks Company2003-02-01
8657GPLX: General American Marks Company2003-05-03
54GROX: First Union Rail2003-05-02
119GRPX: CIT Group/Capital Finance Group2003-05-03
1404GSCX: General American Marks Company2004-12-20
32GSWR: Georgia Southwestern Division South Carolina Centrao Railroad Company2005-09-07
11GTRA: Golden Triangle Railroad2004-09-12
409306GTW: Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)2003-03-01
76GVDX: Oxy Vinyls LP2004-04-09
10183GVSR: Galveston Railroad LP2003-04-26
11GWRC: Georgia Woodlands Railroad Company2003-04-13
41GWWD: Greater Winnipeg Water District2005-07-16
63HARX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2004-03-08
51HATX: Helm Financial Corporation2004-12-21
64HC: Heathrow Connect (UK)2006-02-12
87HCBX: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP2004-01-01
11HCCX: Southeastern Industrial Enterprises Inc.2006-01-07
32HCGX: North American Salt Company2004-08-21
644HCRY: Huron Central Railway (GWI)2006-04-29
1916HCSX: Helm Chesapeake LLP2003-12-07
16111HCW: Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield2005-07-24
127HDSX: RailAmerica Equipment Corporation2004-10-01
11HE: Hollis and Eastern Railroad Company2005-10-30
1792HEPX: Hydro One (Ontario)2003-06-20
11HEQX: Helm Financial Corporation2005-06-02
108HESR: Huron and Eastern Railway Company2003-05-03
44HEXP: Heathrow Express (UK)2006-02-12
32HHCX: Huntsman Corporation2005-01-08
13019HLCX: Helm Financial Corporation2004-03-09
4133HLMX: Helm Financial Corporation2003-12-07
99HLSC: Hampton Railway Incorporated2003-08-17
1613HLTX: BP AMOCO Chemical Company Chemical Division2004-01-01
218HMAX: Huntsman Corporation2003-07-11
22HMJX: Helm Financial Corporation2006-09-10
33HNSN: Hanson Aggregates (UK)2006-02-12
3230HOKX: Occidental Chemical Corporation2003-04-13
4636HPIX: Besell USA Incorporated2003-03-29
2422HPJX: Helm-Pacific Leasing2003-07-17
1613HPLX: Exxon Mobil Corporation2004-01-11
77HPPX: Huntsman Polypropylene Corporation2004-07-14
153128HS: H and S Railroad Company Incorporated2003-02-01
1610HTTX: TTX Company2003-07-01
4037HZGX: Herzog Contracting Corporation2005-11-12
74IAIS: Iowa Interstate Railroad Limited2004-01-01
1612IATR: Iowa Traction Railroad Company2003-09-21
1818IBT: International Bridge and Terminal Company2003-05-03
574369IC: Illinois Central Railroad Company (CN)2003-02-15
11ICCX: International Catalyst Corporation2004-09-12
6752ICE: Iowa Chicago and Eastern Railroad Corporation2004-08-21
199165ICG: Illinois Central Railroad Company (CN)2003-03-09
22ICLX: Intercoastal Leasing Incorporated2004-10-27
105ICMX: Cargill Dry Corn Ingredients Incorporated2005-01-15
22IFBX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2004-11-13
74IHB: Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company2004-01-17
21ILX: The Illuminating Company2006-06-24
2017IMCX: IMC Global Operations Incorporated2003-04-26
6350IMRL: Iowa Chicago and Eastern Railroad Corporation2003-04-11
61IMRR: Illinois and Midland Railroad2006-01-07
5221INCX: INCO Limited2006-04-29
76INFX: Infineum USA Incorporated2003-10-19
54INTX: Interstate Commodities Inc.2005-09-11
11IR: Illinois RailNet Incorporated2004-05-07
22IREX: IRECO Incorporated2004-04-26
32ITC: Norfolk Southern Railway Company2006-01-22
11ITDX: SULCOM Incorporated2005-07-16
4339ITLX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-07-01
43ITTX: TTX Company2003-10-06
11JHMX: Alabama Power Company2003-11-01
32JHPX: Nova Chemicals (USA) Incorporated2004-11-25
21JJJX: JJ Rail Car Leasing Limited2004-03-19
99JMHX: J.M. Huber Corporation2004-01-17
32JOSX: Rail Connection Inc.2006-01-07
1816JRSX: J.R. Simplot Company2004-05-21
96JTIX: Joseph Transportation Incorporated2004-04-09
32JTLX: Joseph Resources Incorporated2005-11-08
22JTSX: Joseph Transportation Incorporated2005-12-30
64JTTX: TTX Company 2004-09-12
43KCCX: Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation2005-10-06
74KCDX: Eastman Kodak Company2004-03-03
76KCPX: Kemira Chemicals Canada Incorporated Incorporated2004-06-28
8962KCS: Kansas City Southern Railway Company2003-02-01
11KDCX: Eastman Chemical Canada Incorporated2004-08-15
1210KEYX: Keywell Corporation2004-04-10
119KGCX: INDSPEC Chemical Corporation2005-02-03
9345KR: Kenya Railway2006-01-30
12418KRL: Kasgro Rail Lines2003-10-21
82KUR: Kenya Uganda Railway2006-01-30
71KWUX: Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation2006-03-16
54KYLE: Kyle Railroad Company2004-05-07
2515LAFX: Lafarge Corporation2005-06-12
11LAHX: Transportation Equipment Incorporated2004-10-28
5529LBFX: L.B. Foster Company2004-12-03
5232LBR: Lowville and Beaver River Railroad Company2003-02-01
44LCGX: Cargill Incorporated CGD Division2003-07-17
44LCIX: Praxair Incorporated2006-01-07
125LCLX: Ledcor Communications Limited2004-09-18
62LDSX: Lambton Diesel Specialists Incorporated2005-07-16
4009LLPX: Locomotive Leasing Partners LLC2003-02-15
1483LMIX: LORAM Maintenance of Way Incorporated2006-03-03
53LN: CSX Transportation Incorporated2006-05-13
1310LNAC: H and S Railroad Company2003-02-10
21LNE: Lehigh New England2006-09-09
287LRRE: Lincoln Railroad Enterprises2005-12-23
44LRWN: Little Rock and Western Railway LP2004-04-26
11LSRC: Lake State Railway Company2006-01-07
52LT: Lake Terminal Railroad Company2003-06-14
11LTCX: Praxair Incorporated2006-09-10
11LU: London Underground (UK)2006-02-12
21LUCX: Services Unlimited2004-08-21
61LV: Norfolk Southern Railway Company2006-09-09
2624LVRC: Lamoille Valley Railroad Company2003-04-11
10872LW: Louisville and Wadley Railway Company2003-04-11
87MB: M and B Railroad LLC2004-11-27
4240MBLX: Exxon Mobil Corporation2003-07-01
11MC: Maine Coast Railroad Corporation2006-04-29
43MCNX: Burlington Electric2005-09-07
22MCSA: Moscow Camden and San Augustine Railroad2006-05-13
11MDR: Kansas City Southern Railway Company2004-10-23
2823MDW: Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company2003-10-03
20456MEC: Maine Central Railroad Company2003-08-20
87MHFX: MHF Logistical Solutions Incorporated2005-07-14
5437MILW: Soo Line Railroad (CPR)2003-04-13
22MILX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-05-18
96MKT: Union Pacific Railroad Company2004-04-09
3229MLLX: Basell USA Incorporated2003-04-13
65MLMX: Metal Management Incorporated2006-01-07
315153MMA: Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway Limited2003-08-20
22MNNR: Minnesota Commercial Railway Company2004-07-14
52MNS: Soo Line Railroad (CPR)2003-03-24
43MOBX: Exxon Mobil Corporation2005-06-02
11MOGX: C.W. Brooks Incorporated2005-01-15
6045MP: Union Pacific Railroad Company2003-05-18
98MR: McCloud Railway Company2003-08-17
41MREX: Monad Railway Equipment Company2006-09-09
3928MRL: Montana RailLink Incorporated2004-01-01
43MRS: Manufacturers Railway Company2006-01-07
33MS: Michigan Shore Railroad Incorporated2003-10-19
2322MSDR: Knoxville and Holston River Railroad Company Incorporated2003-07-01
21MSE: Mississippi Export Railroad Company2003-04-11
87MSRC: Kansas City Southern Railway Company2004-08-21
31MSV: Mississippi and Skuna Valley Railroad Company2006-05-20
22MVRY: Mahoning Valley Railway Company2004-05-21
11389MWAX: Martin Marietta Materials Incorporated2005-10-25
3627MWCX: Midwest Railcar Corporation2004-01-24
64MWSX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2005-11-05
11NACX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2005-11-05
1712NADX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2004-01-03
289226NAHX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-02-01
22NAMX: NAMX Leasing Company2003-05-03
148NAR: Canadian National Railway2004-09-12
11NARX: NORCHEM Incorporated2006-02-28
134111NATX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-04-11
54NBIX: Bombardier Capital Rail Incorporated2004-05-07
686NBSR: New Brunswick Southern Railway Company Limited2005-12-21
3227NCHX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-05-18
8666NCIX: Nova Chemicals Incorporated2003-04-13
2322NCLX: Nova Chemicals Incorporated2003-04-13
107NCTX: PLM International Incorporated2003-05-18
2118NCUX: Transport Capital Rail Partners LLC2003-07-17
9981NDYX: First Union Rail2003-02-01
31916NECR: New England Central Railroad Incorporated2004-12-19
11NHCR: New Hampshire Central Railroad2005-06-19
4420NHN: New Hampshire Northcoast Corporation2005-12-22
21NHTR: N. H. Trap Rock Company2006-09-09
32NIHX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2005-09-10
32NIWX: Northern Illinois and Wisconsin Railway Corporation2004-12-21
3228NKCR: Nebraska Kansas and Colorado RailNet2003-02-01
172NKP: Norfolk Southern Railway Company2006-09-09
11NLLX: Northern Line Layers Incorporated2003-07-01
66NLSX: National Starch and Chemical Company2003-02-01
3120NMIX: NSC Minerals, Inc.2004-09-29
344273NOKL: Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad Co2003-02-10
21NOVX: Novell Polymers Incorporated2003-12-13
457NREX: National Railway Equipment Company2004-10-10
11NRI: Nebkota Railway Incorporated2006-09-06
10084NRLX: Bombardier Capital Rail Incorporated2003-02-10
882384NS: Norfolk Southern Railway Company2003-03-26
81NSCX: National Steel Car Limited2005-05-15
32NSHR: North Shore Railroad Company2005-11-06
11NSL: St. Lawrence and Raquette River Railroad2006-09-09
21NTKX: VAE Nortrak North America Incorporated2006-08-26
22NTRX: NTL Transportation Corporation2005-07-14
74NTTX: TTX Company 2004-04-28
2620NVR: Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company now MMA2003-08-26
142100NW: Norfolk Southern Railway Company2003-05-29
11NWR: Nashville and Western Railroad Corporation2004-07-17
9469NYC: CSX Transportation Incorporated2003-03-26
11NYOG: New York and Ogdensburg Railway Company Incorporated2004-09-19
2610NYSW: New York Susquehanna and Western Railway Corporation2005-12-30
1614OAR: Old Augusta Railroad Company2003-03-24
11OCCX: Occidental Chemical Corporation2003-09-21
2318OCPX: Oxy Vinyls LP2003-05-18
723OCRR: Ottawa Central Railway2006-05-07
11OCT: Ottawa-Carleton Transit2005-07-24
66ODTX: Oil-Dri Corporation of America2003-10-06
33OHCR: Ohio Central Railroad Incorporated2006-09-17
21OHPA: Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Company2006-06-24
44OLNX: Olin Corporation2004-05-25
326173ONT: Ontario Northland Railway2003-02-15
145714OSRX: Ontario Southland Railway Incorporated2003-03-24
5138OTTX: TTX Company2004-01-18
32OWIX: Old World Transportation Limited2005-11-27
97PAL: Paducah and Louisville Railroad2005-02-03
11PBFX: IBP Incorporated2004-05-16
163PCHR: Port Colbourne Harbour Railway (Trillium)2006-05-29
1312PCN: Point Comfort and Northern Railway2003-04-13
11PCSX: PLM International Incorporated2006-09-07
84PENX: Penford Products Company2004-01-24
11PFMX: Perdue Transportation Incorporated2004-08-15
11PGHX: Trinity Rail Management Incorporated2004-05-07
22PGTX: Trinity Rail Management Incorporated2003-03-09
21PHD: Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Company2004-09-22
66PIVX: Pivotal Enterprises Corporation2004-12-20
11190PLCX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-03-24
129PLEX: PLM International Incorporated2003-12-13
7263PLMX: PLM International Incorporated2003-04-13
2219PLWX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-02-10
11PMLX: Prairie Malt Limited2005-11-12
13869PPGX: PPG Industries Incorporated2003-08-20
22PPLX: Pennsylvania Power and Light Company2004-01-17
11PPNX: PCS Phosphate Company2003-07-01
107PPRX: Phillips Petroleum Company2004-03-08
33PPTX: PCS Phosphate Company2006-04-30
42PPU: Peoria and Pekin Union Railway Company2005-11-27
22PRAX: First Union Rail2004-08-07
76PRGX: Cargill Incorporated2004-04-09
21PRL: Penn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated2004-08-15
842640PROX: Procor Limited2003-02-01
83PRR: Norfolk Southern Railway Company2005-05-15
31PRSX: Progress Rail Services Corporation2005-01-27
2521PSPX: Phillips Petroleum Company2003-04-13
22PSR: Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad Incorporated2006-01-07
5244PTLX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-04-26
1512PTTX: TTX Company2005-07-14
1710PVCX: BHP Cooper Incorporated2005-06-02
666PVRR: Pioneer Valley Railroad Company Incorporated2006-09-07
44PW: Providence and Worcester Railroad2005-01-15
2018QC: Canadian Pacific Railway Company2003-08-20
129QCCX: Equistar Chemicals LP2003-05-18
14696QGRY: Quebec Gatineau Railway Incorporated (GWI)2003-04-11
11QOHX: Quaker Oats Company2003-07-01
19033QTTX: TTX Company2003-05-10
1313RACX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-07-05
125RAIX: Union Carbide Corporation2004-01-17
7737RBMN: Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad Company2005-01-19
10186RBOX: TTX Company2003-03-24
1713RCOX: BP Products North America Incorporated2003-07-01
11RCRX: Reagent Chemical and Research Incorporated2005-01-20
21RDG: Norfolk Southern Railway Company2006-09-09
3319RFMX: Caldwell-Baker Company2003-04-09
147RGCX: Rio Grande Chemical Sales Company2005-03-08
124RIIX: Reilly Industries Incorporated2005-03-08
32RJCC: R.J. Corman Railroad Corporation2004-07-17
52RL: Rutland Line Incorporated2006-09-09
925RLHH: Southern Ontario Railway (RailAmerica)2005-05-15
74515RLK: Ottawa Valley Railway (RailAmerica)2003-04-27
55RMGX: Railcar Limited2004-11-25
1122RMPX: Railcar Limited2005-09-07
2823ROIX: Shintech Incorporated2003-05-02
1210RPBX: Rhodia Incorporated2004-09-09
21RPCX: Railroad Passenger Car Numbering Bureau Incorporated2006-09-09
4030RRRX: Rex Leasing Incorporated2003-07-01
1713RS: Roberval and Saguenay Railway Company2003-05-03
63RTCX: Union Tank Car Company2003-05-02
11RTLX: Relco Tank Line Incorporated2006-04-29
2114RTMX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-05-03
31RTRX: Rocky Mountain Transportation Services2005-01-27
4743RTTX: TTX Company2003-02-01
87RUSX: First Union Rail2004-03-28
219RVPR: Riverport Railroad LLC2004-01-24
11RWTX: Railwest US Incorporated2005-01-27
1412SAMX: Cargill Incorporated2003-04-11
65SAUX: Sauvage Gas Company2004-01-01
42SBD: CSX Transportation Incorporated2005-01-20
1410SBLX: Sunbelt/Chlor/Alkali Partnership2004-08-15
11SCGX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2004-03-10
64SCL: CSX Transportation Incorporated2004-06-28
1814SCMX: Shell Oil Company2003-04-13
11SERA: Sierra Railroad Company2004-03-22
22SFLC: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company2003-09-21
11SGAX: SGA Leasing Company2004-10-28
127SGLR: Seminole Gulf Railway LP2003-04-13
384276SHPX: ACF Industries Incorporated2003-03-22
55SIEX: Southeastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated2006-01-07
2521SIRX: Southern Illinois Railcar Company2003-05-18
1312SKNX: Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation2003-08-17
1110SKPX: Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation2004-03-10
3733SLC: San Luis Central Railroad Company2003-07-14
3011SLCX: Sleeper Line Company2005-10-01
9483SLGG: Sidney and Lowe Railroad (Progress Rail Services Corporation)2003-03-01
11986SLR: St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company (GWI)2003-07-01
11SLRR: St. Lawrence and Raquette River Railroad2005-11-11
32SLRX: St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company (GWI)2005-12-22
84SLSF: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company2005-11-19
54SM: St. Marys Railroad Company2003-07-05
11SMIX: Structural Metals Incorporated2005-09-11
66SMMX: St. Marys Cement Company2004-02-28
99SMNX: Solvay Minerals Incorporated2003-12-07
11SNHX: IND/AG Chemicals Incorporated2006-09-09
32SOEX: Shell Oil Company2004-10-28
3635SOM: Somerset Railroad Corporation2006-01-07
1166471SOO: Soo Line Railroad (CPR)2003-02-01
200117SOU: Norfolk Southern Railway Company2003-03-09
134118SP: Union Pacific Railroad Company2003-04-09
87SPGX: Suburban Propane LP2003-04-13
6230SPSX: Progress Rail Services Corporation2005-05-25
41SPTA: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transporation Authority2006-09-09
11SR: Kansas City Southern Railway Company2006-01-07
54SRAX: Southern Rail Associates Incorporated2005-09-30
119SRCX: Sid Richardson Carbon Company2003-09-28
1717SRIX: Southwest Rail Industries Incorporated2003-04-13
11SRLX: Southern Rail Leasing Incorporated2005-12-22
1615SRN: Sabine River and Northern Railroad Company2003-07-05
151SRS: Sperry Rail Service2005-11-24
3932SRY: Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited2003-06-14
4534SSAM: Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Company2003-07-01
11SSD: Union Pacific Railroad Company2004-12-22
44SSIX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-12-07
1614SSPX: AE Staley Manufacturing Company2004-08-21
9778SSW: Union Pacific Railroad Company2003-06-03
1097ST: ST Rail System2005-09-08
32STAX: OCI Chemical Corporation2004-04-18
33STCR: Saint Thomas Central Railway2003-10-05
43STE: Stockton Terminal and Eastern RR2004-05-07
11STEX: Sterling Chemicals Incorporated2004-01-11
28214STLH: St. Lawrence and Hudson Railway Company Limited (CPR)2003-02-01
33STLX: AE Staley Manufacturing Company2004-09-12
11STMA: St. Maries River Railroad Company2005-04-01
98STSX: AE Staley Manufacturing Company2004-05-16
11SWYX: OCI Chemical Wyoming Company2006-04-15
33SYRX: ADM Transportation2004-01-11
11TASD: Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks2004-10-23
134108TBOX: TTX Company2003-05-03
101TCB: Texas Central Business Lines Corporation2006-03-17
108TCDX: Union Tank Car Company2003-07-27
98TCIX: Trinity Chemical Leasing LLC2004-08-29
11TCLX: Trinity Chemical Leasing LLC2004-11-01
9164TCMX: CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated2003-04-13
8581TCSZ: Triple Crown Services Company2004-10-27
54TCTX: Tube City Incorporated2005-05-06
88TCWR: Twin Cities and Western Railroad2003-05-18
22TEAX: Transportation Equipment Incorporated2006-06-24
1817TEIX: Transportation Equipment Incorporated2003-03-09
11TERX: Southeastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated2006-01-07
3216TFM: TFM SA de CV2004-05-16
42TGAX: PCS Phosphate Company Incorporated2004-09-12
32TGCX: PolyOne Company2003-07-27
22TGIX: PCS Phosphate Company Incorporated2004-10-27
11TGOX: First Union Rail2003-08-17
33TGPX: Tamak Transportation Corporation2003-02-01
42TGSX: FMC Corporation2004-03-19
87THB: Canadian Pacific Railway Company2003-04-13
11THRX: Transportation Corporation of America2004-07-14
144118TILX: Trinity Industries Leasing Company2003-03-29
2015TIMX: Trinity Industries Leasing Company2003-03-24
44TJRX: S. M. Brooks2004-05-07
1611TKEN: Tennken Railroad Company Incorporated2004-04-26
96TLAX: Transload America LLC2006-01-14
99TLCX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-05-02
108TLDX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-07-27
31TNO: Temiskaming & Northern Ontario2006-04-30
1210TOE: Texas Oklahoma and Eastern RR Company2004-06-28
292TPHX: Thomas Payne Holdings Incorporated2005-10-05
44TQEX: First Union Rail2003-04-13
10992TR: Tomahawk Railway LP2003-03-29
63TR:2: Tanzania Railway2006-01-30
21TRAX: Railtex Incorporated (RailAmerica)2006-04-12
32TRLX: Texas Railcar Leasing Company2004-11-22
1310TRNX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-04-11
3122TSBY: Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway Company2003-09-28
1311TSE: Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company2003-04-11
119TSRD: Twin State Railroad Company2004-03-10
145129TTAX: TTX Company2003-02-10
33TTC: Toronto Transit Commission2003-06-14
1513TTCX: TTX Company2004-10-28
11TTDX: TTX Company2006-06-04
1915TTEX: TTX Company2004-10-10
463412TTGX: TTX Company2003-02-01
1713TTHX: TTX Company2003-04-11
33TTJX: TTX Company2003-04-11
21TTLX: TTX Company2004-04-05
5241TTPX: TTX Company2003-04-11
22TTQX: TTX Company2006-01-07
8552TTRX: TTX Company2003-02-10
42TTUX: TTX Company2005-07-16
32TTWX: TTX Company2005-02-06
124TTX: TTX Company2003-09-13
120108TTZX: TTX Company2003-04-09
32TZPR: Tazewell & Peoria RR2005-11-05
21UBEX: United Bio Energy Ingredients, LLC2005-06-02
11UCFX: Union Carbide Corporation a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company2006-02-26
44UCLX: Vulcan Materials Company Chemicals Division2004-04-10
2622UELX: ADM Transportation Company2003-04-11
103UMPX: First Union Rail2005-09-17
22UNCX: GATX Rail Canada Corporation2004-08-21
170105UNPX: Procor Limited2003-04-13
486184UP: Union Pacific Railroad Company2003-03-09
31UPCX: Laidlaw Environmental Services Incorporated2005-10-29
2720UPFE: Union Pacific Railroad Company2003-07-01
66UR: Uganda Railway2006-01-30
83USAX: Deptartment of Defense Troop Support and Aviation Material Readiness Command (Intraplant)2006-03-09
2417USBX: CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated2003-02-01
2821USLX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2003-04-13
11890UTCX: Union Tank Car Company2003-02-01
642505UTLX: Union Tank Car Company2003-02-10
54VB: Van Buren Bridge Company2005-12-21
1212VCY: Ventura County Railway Company2003-09-21
1596227VIA: VIA Rail2003-02-13
64VICX: Union Tank Car Company2003-10-19
22VIPX: Union Tank Car Company2005-01-20
10010VTR: Vermont Railway Incorporated2004-12-20
2019VTTX: TTX Company2003-04-09
44WACX: Albright and Wilson Company2005-06-02
43WAGX: PCS Phosphate Company Incorporated2004-01-24
450260WC: Wisconsin Central Limited2003-02-10
7056WCCL: Wisconsin Chicago Link Limited2003-09-28
102WCFX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2005-03-29
55WCHX: Walter Haffner Company2005-06-19
41WCOR: Wellsboro and Corning Railroad Company2006-05-14
1210WCRC: Columbia Basin Railroad Company2003-11-01
3430WCTR: WCTU Railway Company2004-01-01
1614WE: Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company2005-05-14
43WFIX: First Union Rail2004-07-03
86WHCX: Western Hay Company2005-05-23
54WITX: General Electric Rail Services Corporation2004-01-01
6659WLO: Waterloo Railway Company2003-03-09
2928WLPX: Westlake Polymers Corporation2003-03-09
147WNFR: Kanawha Rail Corporation2003-07-01
11WNYX: Western New York Railway Historical Society2006-06-24
86WP: Union Pacific Railroad Company2003-04-26
75WPRR: Willamette and Pacific Railroad2003-11-01
11WREX: Western Railroad Equipment Company2005-11-19
64WRSX: Warren Railcar Service Incorporated2005-12-26
64WSOR: Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Company2004-04-28
22WTLX: Wilmot Transport & Logistics Ltd.2005-11-05
22WVCX: Westvaco Corporation2005-12-23
2919WW: Winchester and Western Railroad Company2003-04-13
1110WWLX: Trinity Industries Leasing Company2003-09-21
1010XOMX: Exxon Mobil Corporation2004-03-08
12643XPWX: Canadian Pacific Railway (Expressway)2003-02-10
33XTRX: First Union Rail2003-04-26
1615XTTX: TTX Company2004-04-09
1811YARR: Youngstown and Austintown Railroad Incorporated2004-10-27
62YDHR: York-Durham Heritage Railway2005-08-21
5738YKR: York Railway Company2003-04-11
33ZCAX: Zinc Corporation of America2006-01-22

Bring GO service to Kitchener-Waterloo

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